The Binder

Your binder will be the "go-to" place for both you and me. Periodically I will ask you to leave your binders so that I may grade them. Some assignments will not be collected - I will look for them in your binder. Not all binder collections will be announced in advance!

WHY A BINDER? (…instead of a notebook) The Top Reason- #1 - it's a requirement!  - Reason #2 - you can't easily put handouts into a notebook. Reason #3 - you will want to keep your returned work where you can find it -- in your binder! Reason #4 - you will want to arrange your notes and homework in logical order. Reason #5 - you won't have to buy a new notebook for each unit.

WHAT TO GET:  A 3-ring 2" or 2.5" binder for APUSH and APWH. The World History Honor’s binder should be a minimum of 1" to 2” binder. (2”should be the maximum). Obtain a "heavy duty" binder, preferably one that has "locking" tabs. You will be using this binder all year, and you do not want to have to struggle with rings that don't quite mesh, or rings that open unexpectedly and fling your papers to the wind!  You'll also want the "view" type binder so that you can insert a new "cover page" for each unit. Expect to pay $4-$6 for a heavy-duty binder.

You will also need to buy loose-leaf binder paper, preferably college rule. (NOT ACCEPTABLE: a spiral or other notebook "inserted" into the binder!) 

Find index tabs or make your own. Note that each section must be divided by tabs that stick out!

HOW YOU WILL USE THE BINDER: The binder will contain all the material relevant to one semester of study. 
Almost always these units will correspond to the units in your textbook. At the end of each semester           you will remove the materials and "start over" for the new semester.


      I suggest putting each completed unit/semester in a large manila envelope, or in a separate "giant       binder" that will hold a unit or a semester's worth of material.)


HOW TO DIVIDE THE BINDER: Use TABS (that stick out) to divide each section. Each section must be labeled on its Tab.


All Classes: All work (pages) must have proper headings, (Name Date and Period with topic title) and filed in chronological order


01. Cover SheetProper title the Notebook then slip into the "view" part of the binder's cover.

02. Lecture Notes, Class-Work Notes and Class Discussion

03. Class Assignments/ Homework.

04. Handouts. This will include, study guides, reading guides, mnemonics, etc

05. Charts/Organizers/- Blank charts and forms to be fill out and graded

06. Essays. –including FRQ’s, and DBQ's,

07. Vocabulary   World History: vocabulary sheets are available for your topic.
      APUSH and APWH- this section is optional, but recommended. I will give you terms corresponding

      to each reading assignment . I will assign quizzes for these Vocab terms, weekly. APUSH students         may want to paste the Glossary section here, or write in words that were especially useful to learn. 

07. Quizzes and Exams.

08. Maps. This section will be utilized more in some classes and some units than others.

09. Primary Documents – Assigned Readings other than the text book / News articles,

10. PRESIDENTS Section APUSH only.

Extra Tab …something always comes up.....