APUSH  Ch. 3 Short Answer/Essay Questions

1. Compare and contrast the New England and middle colonies in terms of motives for founding,
religious and social composition, and political development.

2. How did the Puritans' distinctive religious outlook affect the development of all the New Eng-
land colonies?

3. "The dissent from Puritanism was as important in the formation of New England as Puritanism
itself." How valid is this statement? Defend your answer.

4. Compare the pattern of relations between colonists and Indians in New England and Pennsylvania.
Why did attempts at establishing friendly relations fail?

5. What efforts were made to strengthen English control over the colonies in the seventeenth century,
and why did they generally fail?

6. Discuss the development of religious and political freedom in Massachusetts, Rhode Island,
New York, and Pennsylvania. How did the greater degree of such freedoms enjoyed by Rhode
Island and Pennsylvania affect life in those colonies?

7. What economic, social, and ethnic conditions typical of the early southern colonies (Chapter 2)
were generally absent in the New England and middle colonies? What characteristics did the
middle colonies have that were not generally present in the South?